SA: Ultra-premium smartphones to account for half of total smartphone revenue in Q2 2022

Strategy Analytics released a report saying that in Q2 2022, mid-to-high-end and high-end smartphone models have achieved considerable global revenue. The report pointed out that the wholesale price of ultra-high-end smartphones is US$600 (about 4,314 yuan) and above, accounting for half of the total smartphone revenue in Q2 2022, slightly lower than the previous two quarters. In addition to the mid-range price point of $100-190 (wholesale), the $191-299 and $300-399 price points were also significant contributors to smartphone revenue, accounting for 22% of smartphone revenue in the second quarter.

Strategy Analytics said that among the top 20 highest-grossing smartphone models, a total of 8 models belong to these two price points. There are also fewer competing models at these two price points than the $100-$190 price point.

The report claims that Apple iPhone SE 5G, Samsung Galaxy A73 5G, Vivo V23 5G, and Xiaomi Mi 12 5G are high-end products with wholesale prices of $300-399, while the other 6 products are high-end products with wholesale prices of $191-299 product.

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