Samsung and LG Display are developing Gen 8.7 substrates to improve IT OLED panel production efficiency

Samsung Display and LG Display, which are strong in OLED panels, are considering using larger-sized substrates to produce OLED panels for other IT equipment other than smartphones. Samsung Display and LG Display are considering using the 8.7-generation substrate, and the two companies are conducting research and development.

Compared with the 8.5-generation commonly used in the 8-generation substrates of these two companies, the 8.7-generation is larger in size, and a single substrate can cut more OLED panels required for IT equipment, saving time and cost, and waste glass will also be less and increase production efficiency.

Specifically, the size of the 8.7-generation substrate is 2290x2620mm, and the 8.5-generation is 2200x2500mm, an increase of nearly 10cm both vertically and horizontally.

Although the use of 8.7-generation substrates can improve production efficiency, new equipment may be required. Due to the increase in size, Samsung Display and LG Display will not be able to use the equipment on the 8.5-generation LCD production line. The two companies had considered reusing the equipment through 8.5-generation OLED panel production lines, the sources said.

It is worth noting that foreign media mentioned in the report that domestic panel manufacturer BOE may also use 8.7-generation substrates to produce OLED panels. They have LCD panel production lines with 8.7-generation substrates. If they plan to have 8.7-generation OLED panel production lines, the related equipment can be used.

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