Samsung dominates the Korean PC market for the 27th consecutive year

Samsung Electronics leads the domestic PC market in South Korea with the majority share. Samsung has once again captured South Korea's PC market this year, maintaining its dominance in the country's PC space, according to research firm IDC.

This year, Samsung leads the Korean PC market with a 26.9% market share. Including sales of portable PCs (notebooks) and desktop computers. Data shows that Samsung has maintained its leading position in the domestic PC market in recent years, thanks to the Galaxy Book series launched in August 2019.

Samsung PC had a market share of 26.3% in 2019, and a year later the company captured 26.9% of the PC market. In 2021, Samsung PCs will have a 27.8% market share in South Korea.

Fun fact, Samsung has been leading the Korean PC market since 1995. The company has been at the top of the field for 27 years and shows no signs of slowing down. South Korea is one of the markets where Samsung dominates, even surpassing Apple and its line of macOS computers and notebooks.

There are now rumors that Samsung is working on its first laptop with foldable display technology. Market watchers expect such folding-screen laptops to be available in 2023.

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