Samsung Dragon Knight Ark gaming monitor on

At the beginning of this month, the Black Dragon Knight Ark e-sports display released by Samsung overseas was put on the official website of Samsung China. Now, this monitor has been listed on Jingdong, 55-inch 4K 165Hz, 1000R large curvature, priced at 19,999 yuan.

This monitor is the world's first 55-inch 1000R curved gaming monitor, 4K 165Hz specification, with 1ms response time (grayscale), using AMD FreeSync Premium Pro adaptive synchronization technology; using quantum dot Mini LED Matrix technology, 1,056 light control divisions, realizes precise control of dense LEDs, and through advanced 14bit light path control technology, the black and white level reaches 16,384.

According to officials, this monitor has an ultra-high static contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and is also equipped with a matte screen display and dome sound technology, four speakers are located at the four corners of the screen, and two subwoofers are located in the center of the screen. 60W 2.2.2 channel, able to play the bass of the lowest 45Hz audio.

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