Samsung eldest princess Li Fuzhen loaned 500 million yuan to pay inheritance tax

Samsung "eldest princess" Li Fuzhen recently pledged the shares of Samsung Electronics as a pledge, with a loan of 100 billion won (about 500 million yuan). The industry believes that this loan is used for Pay inheritance tax. South Korean public opinion speculates that Li Fuzhen's inheritance tax is close to 1.3 billion yuan.

According to the news released by the Korea Financial Supervisory Service on September 14, Li Fuzhen mortgaged 3.253 million shares of Samsung Electronics on August 19 and obtained the loan from the Korea Investment Securities Company at an interest rate of 4.5%. In addition, in October 2021, Li Fuzhen pledged 2.532 million shares of Samsung Electronics, loaned 100 billion won from Hyundai Motor Securities, and sold 1.50943 million shares of Samsung SDS in a block transaction in March this year.

Li Fuzhen, 52 years old, is the eldest daughter of the late Samsung chairman Li Jianxi and the president of Shilla Hotel. With stock assets of more than 28 billion yuan, she is the richest woman in South Korea today . In 1999, she married Im Youzai, an ordinary Samsung employee, which caused a sensation in Korean society for a while, but the marriage fell through 15 years later.

Li Jianxi, the former chairman of Samsung Group, died of illness in Seoul in 2020. Li Jianxi's legacy includes stocks, real estate, artwork and cash, etc., with a total value of about 26 trillion won (about 141.6 billion yuan), of which the stock market value of Samsung's subsidiaries is Equivalent to 19 trillion won (about 94.9 billion yuan). In 2021, Li Jianxi's surviving family will declare an inheritance tax of more than 12 trillion won (about 65.3 billion yuan), and apply for payment in 5 years. Looking at the stock tax amount alone, Li Jianxi's widow Hong Raxi has 3.1 trillion won, the eldest son Li Zaiyong 2.9 trillion won, the eldest daughter Li Fuzhen 2.6 trillion won (about 13 billion yuan), and the second daughter Li Xuxian 2.4 trillion won.

According to Jiemian News, South Korea is one of the countries with the highest inheritance tax rates in the world. Its tax rate is based on 50%, and can even reach 60% in some enterprise instances, which is different from the general method of deducting inheritance tax from the total amount of inheritance. Yes, inheritance tax in Korea requires an additional levy of this tax on the heir.

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