Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be equipped with a 200-megapixel camera

@OnLeaks released a rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra today, which looks little changed from the S22. Now, the news is that Samsung is phasing out the 108MP sensor it's been using since the Galaxy S20 Ultra launched, with plans to replace it with a more advanced 200MP sensor on the Galaxy S23 Ultra next year.

GalaxyClub, citing sources inside Samsung, confirmed that the upcoming new flagship will be equipped with a 200MP main camera. However, the other sensors of the new machine are almost unchanged, including the 10MP and 10x optical zoom telephoto and ultra-wide-angle lens, although this may disappoint some users, it does seem like something Samsung can do.

Of course, Samsung could upgrade the camera specs in other ways, but there's no evidence at this point that the "base specs" will be significantly improved. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has previously passed the 3C certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and is equipped with a charger model EP-TA800 that supports up to 25W output.

Combined with previous revelations, the new phone will use a new main camera with 0.6 microns (μm) pixels, 1/1.3" outsole, and F1.7 aperture, which is worth looking forward to.

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