Samsung introduces the latest eco-friendly refrigerator washing machine

Samsung announced that the company's environmentally friendly appliances save an additional 10% energy on top of the new European energy highest industry standard, resulting in the ultimate energy saving in the home.

To meet environmental goals, Samsung's refrigerators are designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint while optimizing food storage, Samsung said. The Samsung refrigerator ranks first in energy efficiency in its class and saves an additional 10% over the current maximum energy efficiency standard.

On a technical level, SmartThings Energy technology with AI energy mode helps to intelligently reduce the energy usage of refrigerators by 30%. SpaceMax technology uses advanced high urethane insulation technology to give refrigerators a spacious interior without adding bulk to the outside. More food can be stored at optimal temperatures without requiring more electricity.

Plus, innovative technologies like Twin Cooling Plus, CoolSelect+ Plus, and Metal Cooling help cool down quickly and maintain a temperature that matches the type of food.

On the washing machine side, Samsung's Bespoke AI washing machine uses the latest washing technology to provide users with the fastest and most powerful laundry experience, while saving an additional 10% of energy on top of the highest energy efficiency standards. In addition, with AI energy mode, the washing machine can reduce energy usage by up to 70%. SpaceMax technology adds to a sustainable laundry experience, offering a large capacity of 11kg.

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