Samsung SDI will finalize the 46-diameter series battery specifications next year

At the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference, Samsung SDI disclosed the latest progress in the development of its 46 series of batteries. Cui Xun, head of Samsung SDI China, said that Samsung SDI will determine the final specification of its battery, which is 46 mm in diameter.

Tesla has used 4680 batteries on some of its electric vehicles, which are 46mm in diameter and 80mm in length. It was previously reported that Samsung SDI and Panasonic will both serve as Tesla suppliers.

But in fact, Samsung is developing more than 4680 batteries. Samsung SDI is also developing 4695 and 46120 batteries. The diameter of these batteries is 46 mm, which is the same as the 4680. The difference lies in the height, which is 95 mm and 120 mm respectively. mm.

Cui Xun said that the 46-series cylindrical cells developed by Samsung SDI have higher capacity and higher energy density. The product is currently in the development stage of emerging products. It is expected that the design plan will be determined in 2023 and mass production will begin. This is similar to the timing of rivals LG Energy Solution and Panasonic, which is expected to complete the development of its 4680 battery in 2023.

According to Cui Xun, Samsung SDI's power battery solution mainly considers improving the battery energy density and shortening the fast charging time. Samsung SDI has both material and structural advantages for improving battery energy density. They will use high-nickel cathodes and silicon anodes with a nickel content of over 90%, with an energy density of over 520Wh/L, which is 78% of Samsung SDI's fifth-generation prismatic cells.

In addition to improving production capacity and power performance, Samsung SDI will further improve energy density and safety through a square lamination design in terms of structure. In addition, the fast charging scheme improves fast charging capability through graphite materials with high intercalation and deintercalation rates and a pole piece structure that optimizes the ion dispersion path.

It is reported that Samsung SDI is building a 4680 battery test production line in Cheonan, South Korea. The first batch of equipment has been ordered, and the planned annual production capacity is 1 GWh. If the test goes well, Samsung SDI will mass-produce 4680 cells at its Malaysian plant with a planned production capacity of 8-12GWh. , SDI is already building a second factory there.

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