Samsung system LSI will obtain more UMC OLED display driver chip production capacity next year

Samsung's system LSI business unit plans to obtain more OLED display driver chip production capacity from UMC next year because its main customers have a high demand for the product. OLED display driver chips are not only used in mid-to-high-end mobile phones but also penetrate into more application fields such as pens and TVs.

At present, there are not many manufacturers that can produce OLED display driver chips in the world, including TSMC, Samsung Electronics, UMC, GlobalFoundries, and so on. In June 2021, research institutions said that OLED display driver chips are currently mainly manufactured using 40nm and 28nm process technology.

UMC has a 12-inch wafer production line that produces chips based on the 28nm process technology. In addition to OLED display driver chips, UMC also manufactures CMOS image sensors for Samsung. In April last year, foreign media reported that Samsung and UMC signed a foundry agreement for image sensors. In March of this year, industry chain sources revealed that UMC and Samsung had reached a higher foundry price for a new long-term foundry contract.

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