Semiconductor 8-inch wafer market conditions turned sharply

Industry sources said that the recent 8-inch wafer market situation took the lead in reversing and "turned sharply". For logic IC applications, it is expected that the client will perform inventory adjustments from the fourth quarter to the first quarter of next year.

In addition, the source also mentioned that some wafer manufacturers have agreed to some downstream long-term customer requests, delaying the delivery schedule, and some fabs have not yet made concessions to customer requirements.

Wafer foundry customers cut orders and production capacity utilization declined, which also made the car companies who had been in a chip shortage before, bow their heads and not ask for prices, but saw an opportunity.

Semiconductor companies as saying that some car companies and chip industry players seized the opportunity to try to renegotiate prices with wafer foundries in the fourth quarter.

It is said that, including TSMC, the full capacity of some foundries has been loosened since Q2. However, TSMC has the advantages of leading production capacity and technology, so it can still hold on, but it has begun to feel pressure recently.

Although the proportion of automotive chips in the overall revenue of TSMC or second-tier factories is not high, because such demand is a small number of products that are still growing, more semiconductor chips will be used in electric vehicles in the future, and the future can be expected. The strong momentum of the car company customers to maintain long-term cooperation and maintain the existing gross profit has become the focus of the industry's attention to TSMC and second-tier manufacturers.

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