Shadow Stone warms up the new panoramic action camera

Shadow Stone announced that the new panoramic motion camera will be released on September 8, and released a preview video. According to the official warm-up video, the new product may be an upgraded version of the insta360 one x2.

In 2020, Yingshi released the ONE X2, a pocket panoramic image stabilization camera, which can shoot 5.7K panoramic videos. The initial price is 2798 yuan .

According to reports, the ONEX2 integrates panoramic video and flat video, which can not only shoot 5.7K high-definition panoramic video but also open one side lens to shoot ultra-wide-angle flat video. ONE X2 is also equipped with FlowState anti-shake technology, and the anti-shake performance is extraordinary. For the camera function, the PureShot pure photography mode can retain more picture details, the image is cleaner, and it is especially good for shooting night scenes.

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