Shadowstone Insta360 X3 panoramic action camera released

Shadow Stone Insta360 X3 panoramic motion camera According to the official introduction, the X3 can shoot 5.7K panoramic video and record 360° in all directions. Panoramic videos can be edited through the AI ​​smart tool in the Insta360 App, and you can freely frame the scene in the later stage, compose the picture as you like, and easily unlock the creative blockbuster.

The X3 is equipped with 1/2-inch 48-megapixel sensors on the front and rear, which can take 72-megapixel panoramic photos. In addition, the X3 can shoot sports HDR video in panorama mode, and dynamic shooting can also firmly stabilize the video screen. In bright or backlit environments, more highlight and shadow details can be preserved for a more realistic visual effect.was released, equipped with 1/2-inch 48-megapixel sensors on the front and rear, priced at 2,998 yuan. 

The X3 can turn on a single lens on either side to shoot ultra-clear wide-angle video at a maximum of 4K 30fps or an extremely wide-angle image at 2.7K 170° , which is equivalent to having a wide-angle sports camera at the same time to meet the shooting needs of multiple scenes. The new follow-up mode supports a high frame rate of 60fps to shoot a wonderful third-person perspective blockbuster as if the photographer is following the shot. The invisible selfie stick can completely disappear from the picture, and you can take selfies with one person, and you can also take amazing aerial and third-person perspectives. The X3 can now shoot bullet time video at 4K 120fps or 3K 180fps for sharper and smoother images.

The X3 waterproof level is up to IPX8 level, which can achieve 10 meters waterproof of bare metal. With the diving case, it can achieve 50 meters of waterproof.

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