Shanxi Yiliangou: The purchase of Apple's iPhone 14 / Pro not shipped has nothing to do with the company

Shanxi Yilian Shopping Network Technology Co., Ltd. issued a statement through the official applet "Easy Buying Supply Chain": Recently, our customer service hotline has received many complaints and refund calls. It is clear that the complaint about the incident of "purchasing a certain brand of mobile phone and not delivering it" has nothing to do with our company.

According to a previous report by Henan TV Station "Xiao Li Help", some consumers grabbed 11 iPhone 14 series and 4 iPhone 13 series on a platform called Yiliangou Online Mall, paying a total of 158,000 yuan for the goods. But a few days later, when the consumer tried to contact the customer to inquire about the condition of the product, no one could be contacted, and all the robots responded. The consumer said that he and several other friends who also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the phone have encountered the same situation.

Not only that, the platform also published a mocking "running letter" before running away:

At present, the applet cannot be searched, and even if the applet is found, it can no longer be accessed, and the page displays "service has been suspended due to suspected fraud".

The "Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily" learned from the market supervision department of Yubei District that the relevant departments have paid attention to the relevant situation and have launched an investigation. However, when the staff of the State Administration for Market Regulation arrived at the scene, they could not find the company at the registered address, and the person in charge of the company had also lost contact.

According to public information, the "E-Liango Online Mall" platform is affiliated to Chongqing E-Liango Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which was just established on July 28 this year. The company's legal representative is Luo Xiaoyi, and Shenzhen Kaisheng Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest company. Shareholders, with a shareholding ratio of 99%, the suspected actual controllers of the two companies are Luo Xiaoyi. The shareholders of Shanxi Yiliangou Network Technology Co., Ltd. are all natural persons, and are jointly held by Yang Yanxin and Li Sihai.

It is unclear what the relationship is between Shanxi Yilian Shopping Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Yilian Shopping Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The names of the two are very similar.

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