Some Apple iPhone 14 Pro series users experience slow camera opening

Some iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users have encountered problems with the camera app, with multiple complaints that the camera may take a few seconds to load when turned on.

Affected users said it took four to five seconds for the camera to activate after tapping the camera app icon. In addition, the problem occurs after the camera has been opened, that is, after the camera is turned on, put in the background, and then click the camera icon opens, there will be a loading delay.

This problem only occurs occasionally in the camera mode of the iOS 16 official camera app. There is no problem in video mode, and it does not affect third-party apps. However, restarting, resetting and other operations cannot solve it.

This problem may be an error in the memory management of the camera app . After clearing the memory of the iPhone 14 Pro series in Accessibility, the camera app can be launched normally, but the problem occurs again the second time.

Some users of Apple's iPhone 14 Pro series also reported that third-party apps had problems with blurred images and jitters when using the camera, accompanied by physical humming. Users have reported the issue with popular third-party apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. Apple will fix it with a software update next week.

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