Some Apple iPhone 14 / Pro users cannot use AirDrop through contacts

Some netizens reported that Apple AirDrop does not work properly on some iPhone 14 series models. When trying to send a file from an iPhone 14 to a contact's iPhone, the affected users were unable to complete the transfer.

Files sent to contacts show a "waiting" message indefinitely, and the person on the other end doesn't receive a message to accept the AirDrop transfer. The problem appears to be with iPhone 14 devices and not iOS 16, but some users running iOS 16 may also experience issues. Currently, only reports have been received from iPhone 14 users.

As s stated on the forum, a partial workaround is available. To send files to contacts, the AirDrop setting must be changed to "Everyone" instead of "Contacts". AirDrop settings can be accessed by opening Control Center and long-pressing on the top left module. Click on "AirDrop" and select the "Everyone" option.

However, this workaround is not compatible with password sharing because sending a password to another person requires both participants to keep each other's contact information on the iPhone.

According to multiple users who contacted Apple Support, Apple is aware of the issue and may fix it in the near future.

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