Some Apple iPhone 14 Pro/Max users experience random restarts while charging

Some Apple iPhone 14 Pro users have complained that the iOS 16 battery is easy to drain, but it may not be the most serious problem. Now, some customers are reporting that their iPhone devices restart intermittently when charging via MagSafe or Lightning.

In a Reddit thread, some users complained that the iPhone 14 Pro was randomly restarting while charging. This issue has been around for 8 days, including charging with a MagSafe or Lightning cable.

Another user stated that the iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 16.0.1 restarts every 10-20 minutes while charging. Some other people have reported that the problem persists even on iOS 16.0.2 or iOS 16.1 Beta.

According to one user, "This only happens when the battery is charged at 90-95% (especially 93%) and the phone is idle. (...) So far, the only thing that can be done (as of now two late without reboot) is to disable background app refresh."

For those who can, the best option is to return their iPhone within 14 days and buy another - or ask for a replacement at your local Apple Store.

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