Some Apple Watch Ultra / Series 8 users experience a bug that the microphone stops working

More and more online user reports indicate that the microphone on some new Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra models may continue to be unresponsive after an unspecified period of time. This causes applications that rely on the microphone to pop up with errors and stop working.

A large number of users have found that this causes the following false notifications from the Noise app, and also prevents system features including Siri, dictation, and hand washing detection from working properly:

"Measurement paused

The Noise app cannot check the volume when the Apple Watch is on water lock or using the microphone or speaker. "

According to reports, users can temporarily fix the problem by restarting the Apple Watch until the bug finally reappears, suggesting that the problem is related to software rather than a hardware defect.

Updating affected Apple Watch Ultra watches to the latest watchOS 9 post-release versions still doesn't fix the issue, and Apple is aware of it. This bug is expected to be fixed in a future software update.

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