Some orders for Apple's iPhone 14 / Pro series are ready to ship

Apple’s iPhone 14 series models began to accept pre-orders. Among them, the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be officially released on September 16 (Friday), and the iPhone 14 Plus will be officially released on October 7 (Friday).

According to 9to5Mac, although many users have encountered problems in the Apple Store online store, and the expected delivery date is also delayed to October, some users have received news that the iPhone 14 series models they ordered are preparing to be shipped.

The details of these users' orders for the iPhone 14 series were changed from "payment received" and "processing" to "ready to ship". Previously, when the user's payment was completed, Apple would prompt the user to "receive your payment and will start preparing your order soon."

The prices of Apple's iPhone 14 series are as follows:

iPhone 14

  • 128GB is priced at 5999 yuan
  • 256GB priced at 6899 yuan
  • 512GB priced at 8699 yuan

iPhone 14 Plus

  • 128GB is priced at 6999 yuan
  • 256GB priced at 7899 yuan
  • 512GB priced at 9699 yuan

iPhone 14 Pro

  • 128GB priced at 7999 yuan
  • 256GB priced at 8899 yuan
  • 512GB priced at 10,699 yuan
  • 1TB is priced at 12,499 yuan

iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • 128GB priced at 8999 yuan
  • 256GB priced at 9899 yuan
  • 512GB priced at 11,699 yuan
  • 1TB is priced at 13499 yuan

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