Some users have reported that the Apple Watch Ultra has a jelly screen problem

Apple Watch Ultra has the largest display on an Apple Watch to date but uses the same display technology as previous models. The Apple Watch Ultra has been shipped to customers, and some users have noticed a so-called "jelly screen" scrolling issue on the watch's display.

iPhoneSoft reports that the Apple Watch Ultra has a "jelly roll" issue. "Jelly scrolling" is when one half of the display refreshes significantly slower than the other half, creating a jittery effect when the content moves quickly. Users may see this behavior when rapidly scrolling through lists or rapidly scrolling down a web page in Apple Safari.

Also had the "jelly screen" issue on the iPad mini 6 from a year ago. Despite user complaints, Apple issued a statement calling the scrolling effect "normal behavior." This includes the displays used in the iPad mini 6, iPad Air 5, and Apple Watch.

Apple previously responded that this is the normal behavior of LCD screens. Since these screens refresh line by line, this causes a delay between the line at the top of the screen and the line at the bottom, resulting in a "jelly scroll" effect.

On the Apple Watch Ultra, "Jelly Scroll" can be seen in a similar situation to the iPad mini 6. For example, iPhoneSoft shows the screen shaking that occurs when they use the Digital Crown to scroll through a list.

There have also been a few scattered complaints about the Apple Watch Ultra's "jelly screen" on Reddit, but so far, there have been fewer complaints -- especially compared to last year's iPad mini 6.

Why is the "jelly screen" effect more noticeable on the Apple Watch Ultra than on other Apple Watch models? 9to5 Mac says this may come down to this: The Apple Watch Ultra has a larger and brighter display than other Apple Watch models. This all makes the "jelly screen" effect more noticeable than on standard Apple Watch models.

Apple has yet to respond to the Apple Watch Ultra's "jelly screen" issue. It should be noted that the Apple Watch Ultra uses an OLED screen, while the iPad mini 6 uses an LCD screen.

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