Sony announces new details for PlayStation VR2

According to Sony's official news, during the CEDEC 2022 (Computer Entertainment Developers Conference 2022) event, Sony Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. Yasuo Takahashi, and Kenjo Akiyama talked about the functions of the hardware.

Officials say it should be easier for developers to port their games to PS VR, whether from existing PS5 development or other VR systems. Game development for PS VR2 uses the same SDK as PS5 games. With a strong link to the PS5 SDK, developers can more easily create games that support PS VR2.

In addition, PS VR2's production environment supports games created with Unity and Unreal Engine. With a standardized controller interface and button setup similar to other VR platforms, developing games for PS VR2 should be much simpler than before.

One feature that developers will love, Sony said, is the GPU's FSR (Flexible Scale Rasterization), which combines PS VR2's tracking technology and center point rendering to freely change the pixel density according to the player's line of sight to further optimize rendering. In the development environment, the force feedback of the headset is tested with a number of sample programs that vibrate based on what they see and hear, allowing developers to test the vibration effect of the example based on gunshots, footsteps, jumps, and more.

Sony has also announced on multiple social media recently that the virtual reality headset "PlayStation VR2" will be released early next year . At present, the new generation of PS VR2 can provide about 10 games, including "Resident Evil: Village" and "Call of Horizon Mountain" and so on.

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