Sony camera A7R5 will be released on October 26

Sony will release the A7R5 flagship camera on October 26. In addition to the A7R5, sources say Sony will "probably" release a new ZV camera in early October, a fixed-lens entry-level model similar to the current ZV-1.

There is currently no exact news about the A7R5. It is rumored that it will use a CMOS of more than 90 million pixels. The Sony A7R series cameras feature high image quality and are equipped with high-pixel CMOS. In 2019, the Sony A7R4 camera was released, equipped with Sony's first 61-megapixel full-frame sensor, with a 15-stop dynamic range, 10 high-speed continuous shooting per second, and 567 phase detection focus points and 425 contrast detection focus points, covering about 74 % viewfinder range, support real-time tracking function and 5.5-level anti-shake effect at the same time.

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