Sony IMX978, IMX890 exposure

Digital blogger @Digital Chat Station recently exposed a number of new phones that are about to be released or under development. For example, the main brands of Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo will all use a 1-inch super outsole. The super cup of Xiaomi's iteration flagship model will use a 1-inch super outsole, and even the large cup has been upgraded to 1/1.12-inch and 1-inch bottoms.

He revealed today that Sony also has a 1-inch flagship CIS called IMX978, which has a luxurious specification of 52Mp and 1.55μm, which can be called "a dual-frame super outsole for taking photos and videos with both hands."

In addition, Sony also has a conventional outsole sensor IMX890, which he believes will be widely used in the current mid-range mobile phone market, similar to the IMX 586 and IMX 766, which are dubbed the public version by netizens.

Judging from the previous information, the Android flagship mobile phone in 2023 can be described as a group of heroes in the field of imaging, each will use a 1-inch super-sole main camera such as IMX988 on the top flagship models, and some models will also add a 5X outsole periscope. , 10X small and medium-low periscope, etc.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra will use a 1-inch outsole + independent ISP Surging C2 + Leica, while Honor Magic 5 Ultimate Edition will use a 1-inch outsole + self-developed independent ISP + ultrasonic fingerprint; OPPO Find X6 Pro new flagship also will use a 1-inch outsole + NPU Mariana X + Hasselblad.

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