Sony mobile game fan docking station Xperia Stream released

Sony China today officially launched the Xperia 1 IV exclusive accessory - the gaming fan docking station Xperia Stream. According to the official introduction, the Xperia Stream is specially developed for hardcore players. It is equipped with a cooling fan with a special air duct design. The appearance is ergonomic, the grip is comfortable, and it has rich expansion interfaces.

The Xperia Stream gaming fan docking station adopts a full-body cooling solution, the airflow can cover the entire back of the phone, and the special air duct design blows the airflow to the front of the phone screen to effectively dissipate heat for the entire body. In the Xperia 1 IV's Game Enhancer, the fans can be set to automatic or manual control. The Xperia 1 IV with Xperia Stream can provide players with a longer high-definition gaming experience when gaming at high-definition settings.

Developed by Sony and the Japanese gaming team SCARZ, the Xperia Stream is designed to provide a comfortable grip and easy disassembly. The expansion ports are located under the center of the Xperia Stream to avoid cable tangle interference.

The game booster has also been upgraded again, bringing a newly designed operation interface, which can not only check the usage of the mobile phone but also monitor and adjust the running status of the Xperia Stream and the speed of the cooling fan in real time. Through the optimization function of sound and picture quality in Game Enhancer.

In terms of interface expansion, Xperia Stream has a LAN cable interface, a USB Type-C interface, an HDMI interface, and a 3.5mm audio interface. 

  • Connect the wired network through the LAN cable interface, which can achieve low-latency and stable network connection
  • HDMI interface can output 120Hz high frame rate picture
  • The USB Type-C interface can power Xperia 1 IV and Xperia Stream at the same time, achieving a stable gaming experience and high-quality real-time live broadcast
  • 3.5mm headphone jack, you can enjoy a low-latency, high-quality audio experience when you voice chats with teammates or live broadcast in real time

Selling points of the Xperia Stream include:

  • Support 120Hz screen refresh rate
  • 240Hz motion blur suppression technology optimized for gaming
  • 240Hz touch sampling rate for sensitive touch operation
  • The newly designed game booster interface can adjust the Xperia Stream cooling fan speed and many other functions
  • L-gamma booster (low gamma booster): Improve the brightness of the dark parts of the game scene, which is helpful for distinguishing opponents or obstacles
  • Audio Equalizer: Allows players to hear specific sounds more clearly
  • Voice optimization function: achieve clear voice chat
  • Anti-mistouch design
  • Game mode settings including hidden notifications and incoming calls
  • HS power control: bypass the battery to directly supply power to the mobile phone, suppress charging heat, and prolong battery life
The Xperia Stream will go on sale in mainland China in mid-October, priced at 23,100 yen (about 1,122.66 yuan), and the price of the National Bank has not been announced.

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