Sony preheats PlayStation VR2

Sony PlayStation officially released the latest PS VR2 promotional film "Feel a New Real" today, which is real and introduces players to the outstanding features of PS VR2, such as precise eyeball control, gaze rendering, 110° field of view, adaptive trigger, and more.

Through eye-tracking technology, PS VR2 can focus on the point in the game screen where the player's line of sight is focused, while the part that is touched by the peripheral vision is relatively blurred. In this way, on the one hand, people's viewing habits can be more realistically simulated, and on the other hand, functions can be saved by the way.

PlayStation VR2 Sense technology creates an immersive experience with excellent performance, and realizes an epoch-making giant leap in VR gaming! Let's look forward to a new experience like being in the game world!

Sony has previously announced that it will launch PS VR2 in early 2023! Adapt to PS5, support 4K HDR. The single-eye resolution of PS VR2 has reached 2000*2040, and the observation field has also been increased from 100 degrees to 110 degrees. In addition, PS VR2 has a built-in eye tracking system, which can make the interaction of the game more realistic, and with the help of four built-in cameras, PS VR2 can accurately know the player's positioning, so as to provide accurate feedback in the game.

The new platform supports the penetrating perspective function, which allows players to wear the helmet to observe the real surrounding environment, without taking off the helmet to find the position of the PS VR2 handle. Players can switch between VR games/surroundings through the function buttons on the headset or the card function in the PS5 control center. This function is mainly used for observation, and there is no option to record video.

In addition, you can also use the camera to record yourself playing for the live broadcasts. You can also freely set the action space, use the camera on the PS VR2 to scan the room, and then use the VR2 Sense handle to customize the play area to suit your play style and room environment. Players will receive an alert when they approach the boundaries they set.

In addition, PS VR2 can switch between VR mode and cinema mode. In VR mode, you can watch VR game content in a virtual space with a 360-degree viewing angle, support 2000x2400 HDR per eye, and a 90/120Hz refresh rate. In theater mode, players can view the PS5 system UI and all non-VR games and media content on the virtual theater screen, supporting 1080P HDR 24/60Hz video formats, as well as 120Hz.

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