Sony releases new firmware 1.10 for A7M4 micro-single

According to Sony's official news, Sony launched a free firmware upgrade for the full-frame mirrorless ILCE-7M4, the corresponding versions are Ver.1.05 and Ver.1.10.

The Ver.1.10 firmware version upgrade includes the addition of two lossless compressed RAW size options and the touch screen shutter function, improving the accuracy of the eye autofocus function and the operability of Wi-Fi connections. Both firmware versions need to be upgraded by downloading the firmware software to the memory card in the body, and the Ver.1.05 version must be upgraded first, and then the Ver.1.10 version must be updated.

Firmware update content:

  • When the RAW lossless compression method is used, the image size is in addition to L, and the options of M and S are also added.
  • When shooting with the flash, you can keep the shutter speed and ISO sensitivity settings.
  • Add the function of the touch screen shutter.
  • Improves the accuracy of the eye autofocus function.
  • The serial number of the camera can be written into the metadata of the motion picture file.
  • Improve the operability of the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Added the option of "1 minute" in the menu to automatically turn off the display.
  • An issue where the viewfinder may not brighten according to ambient brightness has been improved.
  • Improves the overall stability of the camera.

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