Sony's new PS5 features an upgraded 6nm AMD SoC

Sony has completely changed the internal design of its PS5. According to previous news, the machine has been listed in some markets on September 15.

As it turns out, the new version not only upgrades the internals, including a new motherboard, and a smaller and lighter heatsink but also swaps out a newer chip for the console.

According to Angstronomics, the third-generation PS5 console, codenamed "CFI-1202," features a smaller SoC called "Oberon Plus."

The SoC is manufactured using TSMC's 6nm process, the same generation as the 7nm node that has been used in Sony's PS5 "Oberon" SoC.

Although using a 6nm process, both have the same design and have not made any changes to the processor configuration, including the API. That said, neither the underlying Zen2 CPU nor the RDNA2 GPU part has changed.

The design and specifications of the Oberon Plus are exactly the same as those of the 7nm Oberon, but the chip is smaller and consumes less power. Compared with the original 300mm², it has been reduced to 260mm², so the new PS5 will only need a little time. Some cooling solutions will do.

For AMD and Sony, it also means they can make more chips from a single wafer, so the production cost of the new consoles may be a little lower. Unsurprisingly, the Xbox series, also based on the 7nm AMD SoC, will also be updated to a 6nm design in the future.

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