Synology on-demand synchronization of macOS version open test

Synology recently stated that the on-demand synchronization function announced at the Synology 2022 conference is now open for testing. However, since the current version is still a beta version, it is recommended not to use it on important devices and data or in the production environment to avoid accidents.

Users who like early adopters need to upgrade to macOS 12.3 and above, download the dmg file for installation and click to create a synchronization task after the installation is complete. Select the NAS folder you want to sync, check [Enable On-Demand Sync] and give the task a name, the system will automatically generate a sync folder on the computer, click [Finish] to successfully create an on-demand sync task.

Synology said that this version of the Drive client natively supports Apple M1 / ​​M2 models, and does not need to install Rosetta 2 translation; due to the limitation of Apple API, the on-demand synchronization task in macOS currently cannot customize the local path, and can only use the system default Path; also due to the limitation of Apple's API, the current on-demand synchronization task in macOS cannot be converted to normal tasks, and it is also impossible to use file filters and change the synchronization mode.

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