Tamron's first Nikon Z-mount lens 70-300mm F4.5-6.3 officially announced

Tamron officially announced that the telephoto zoom lens for the 35mm full-frame mirrorless single-lens camera of the Nikon Z-mount system - 70-300mm F / 4.5-6.3 Di III RXD (Model No. A047) The new product will be officially launched on September 29, 2022.

Tamron's first Nikon Z-mount lens, the A047 was developed with the concept of "easily enjoying telephoto shooting", achieving light weight, compactness, and high image quality. In addition, the simple drip-proof structure can provide protection for outdoor shooting, BBAR (Broad-Band Anti-Reflection) coating can provide excellent anti-reflection performance, and many photography auxiliary functions make shooting easy and convenient. The A047 of the Nikon Z mount system can also use the dedicated software TAMRON Lens Utility.

1. Compact telephoto zoom

The A047 is specially designed for mirrorless cameras. By setting the F-number at the telephoto end to F6.3, the lens has a length of 150.3mm, a maximum diameter of φ77mm, and a weight of 580g.

2. Excellent optical performance and maneuverability

The optical design of A047 uses Tamron's new design technology to conduct in-depth simulation calculations, and successfully achieves the coexistence of compactness and high image quality. The lens structure of 15 elements in 10 groups is optimized with LD (Low Dispersion) low-dispersion lens elements, which have a good effect on suppressing various aberrations such as axial chromatic aberration that are easily generated on telephoto lenses.

3. RXD stepper motor unit

In the autofocus drive of the lens, a high-precision lens position sensor and a stepping motor unit RXD (Rapid eXtra-silent stepping Drive) optimized for the autofocus control system are used.

4. Dedicated software TAMRON Lens Utility

The A047 of the Nikon Z mount system can use TAMRON Lens Utility, a dedicated software independently developed by Tamron. Using this function, users can easily update the firmware themselves without going through the camera. You can confirm the version of your lens on the firmware information interface. If there is a new version of the firmware, you can upgrade it.

The connection to the computer requires a USB cable (Type-A to Type-C).

The A047 is not equipped with a focus setting button and cannot be customized for various functions.

5. Simple drip-proof structure

The main positions of each mechanical movable part and joint part of the lens barrel are equipped with anti-splash seals to provide more protection for outdoor shooting.

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