TCL CSOT introduces the world's first 32-inch 8K 3D floating touch light field display

TCL CSOT announced a breakthrough in display technology, introducing the world's first 32-inch 8K floating touch light field display. Officials say that the biggest difference in visual perception between ordinary images and light field images is "stereoscopic", and the key factor in creating "stereoscopic" is the phase information carried by light, such as light intensity, position, direction, etc. The reason why our human eyes can see objects is due to their own luminescence or reflection. These light rays are like data lines connected to the eyes, transmitting various optical information about the object to our eyes, so as to recognize the object. Therefore, light field technology can also be understood as a technology that captures light information. Collecting all the light in the space and projecting, it creates a realistic visual effect.

Now, TCL CSOT light field display technology adopts a solution based on cylindrical lens grating. Each light is projected in a predetermined direction through the cylindrical lens grating, simulating the real natural light, so as to achieve a 3D image display.

TCL CSOT said that TCL CSOT light field display technology has three major advantages: low power consumption/lossless brightness, human eye tracking, more dazzling and more three-dimensional, and great mass production.

The world's first 32" 8K large viewing angle light field display for multiple viewing has technically overcome the major technical bottleneck of high-quality wide-field stereoscopic display and eliminated the visual fatigue phenomenon of traditional stereoscopic display. Large viewing angle light field display, full HD stereoscopic resolution with main viewing angle > 60°.

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