TCL Huaxing: The first 27-inch FHD HFS display product was successfully lit up

We learned from TCL CSOT that on September 6th, TCL CSOT's first 27" FHD HFS display product was successfully lit up in the Guangzhou t9 project, marking the smooth trial production of the product, which is expected to start in December this year. mass production.

TCL Huaxing said that the 27" FHD HFS display products are aimed at the commercial mainstream market, adhering to the advantages of HFS technology, with fast response speed, large viewing angle, accurate color, and excellent dynamic pictures.

According to reports, compared with products of the same specifications in the market, the 27" FHD HFS has further improved transmittance technology, continuously reducing product energy consumption; using new photoresist materials to achieve low blue light eye protection; using photo-alignment technology to improve contrast ratio, which makes Color shift perform better while avoiding the trouble of rubbing mura.

According to previous information, TCL Huaxing t9 project invested 35 billion yuan, planning to build a G8.6 generation oxide semiconductor display panel production line and supporting module factory with a monthly production capacity of 180,000 glass substrates. The project is mainly focused on medium-sized IT and professional Displayed LCD panel production lines.

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