TCL Huaxing: The first high-end professional display high-generation production line in China has been put into operation

Today, the commissioning ceremony of TCL Huaxing's 8.6th generation oxide semiconductor new display device production line project (referred to as "TCL Huaxing Guangzhou t9 Project") was held in Huangpu District, Guangzhou City.

TCL Huaxing said that the Guangzhou t9 project has an investment of 35 billion yuan and a monthly production capacity of 180,000 glass substrates. It is the first high-generation LCD panel production line in China that specializes in the production of high-end IT products and professional displays. It adopts HFS and high mobility oxide technology independently developed by TCL CSOT, which can realize larger sizes, higher refresh rates, and higher resolution display products.

The TCL Huaxing Guangzhou t9 project started construction in March last year. During the construction period, the main plant was capped in 9 months, the main equipment was moved in 13 months, and the products were lit up in 66 days, and it was quickly completed and put into production.

According to reports, technically, the t9 project is the world's first production line to introduce 4mask Oxide technology, and the world's only high-generation panel production line compatible with LCD, Micro LED, and IJP OLED; in terms of products, the t9 project is based on IT, automotive, medical, industrial control and aviation and other display products in different application scenarios as the core, can produce 6-inch to 100-inch full-size series of display products; in terms of efficiency, compared with the G8.5 generation mass production line, the mobile phones of the t9 project and The cutting efficiency of representative notebook sizes is increased by an average of 9%, and the cutting efficiency of mainstream notebook sizes is increased by an average of 10%.

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