TCL Huaxing Medical Mini LED Display unveiled

According to the official news of TCL CSOT, at the 2022 Optical Expo, the world's first 12000+ partition, 10bits 21.3-inch medical diagnostic Mini LED display launched by TCL CSOT was officially unveiled. The new Mini LED product launched by TCL CSOT combined with the advantages of t3 products is the world's first 21.3-inch medical diagnostic display screen with a partition of more than 12,000 and 10bits. The display brightness of the screen is 1200nits and the color gamut is 85%. NTSC, the contrast ratio is as high as 1,000,000:1, and the high-standard hardware configuration also brings higher quality image performance.

Officials said that in order to meet the high-definition image quality requirements of diagnostic medical products, the product adopts a 12288 ultra-high partition design, and the single area is smaller, which is conducive to controlling the size of the halo, improving the display quality of local dimming, and the details of the display quality are more prominent.

According to reports, medical displays are recognized as high-end ceiling-level products in the industry, with the highest technical difficulty and the most widely used scenarios. Because the medical display is the ultimate presenter of medical images in the digital system, it carries the heavy responsibility of replacing film, ensuring image quality, and finally realizing the doctor's observation and diagnosis of patients.

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