TCL twin cabin washing machine Q10 confirmed to be equipped with 6KG top drum

The last day of the TCL Gemini washing machine Q10 new product launch conference. Today, TCL officially announced again the core selling point of this flagship washing machine - 10+6KG partitioned care.

Specifically, the TCL twin-cabin washing machine Q10 will use a 6KG upper drum and a 10KG lower drum design. The upper drum washing capacity has been upgraded from the industry's conventional 4kg to 6kg, and the capacity has increased by 50%, achieving the industry's largest washing capacity. Super similar products.

The advantages brought by the large upper drum are very obvious: first of all, the drum washing machine cleans the clothes by "beating". The path of each "beat" is longer, and the cleaning of stains on clothes is further improved.

From this point of view, the TCL twin-cabin washing machine Q10 not only has a larger volume space and can wash more clothes in different zones but also has a strong cleaning power, which can complete the cleaning of clothes more efficiently.

Regarding this product, the official has released a lot of core configuration information before, such as being equipped with Nidec dual direct drive inverter motor, supporting ion soft drying technology, etc. "Nidec dual direct drive inverter motor" has a series of advantages such as lower noise, lower vibration, high energy efficiency, and long life. Therefore, compared with traditional washing machine products, TCL Twin Cabin Washing Machine Q10 will have a quieter washing process.

As for the ion soft drying technology, its working principle is to release hundreds of millions of negative ions to form ion wind through the built-in ion generator, so as to achieve continuous drying of clothes, as well as multiple cares such as removing odors, sterilizing mites, and adsorbing dust particles. effect.

In addition, as a multi-zone washing machine, the upper and lower double-cylinder design of the TCL twin-cabin washing machine Q10 can also meet consumers' demands for separate washing of inner and outer clothes, different materials, different colors, and even separate clothes for adults and children. For home users who have a strong demand for a high-quality and healthy life, the TCL twin-cabin washing machine Q10, which can perfectly solve their pain points, can be called the best partition washing machine at the moment, right?

Judging from the announced configuration of the TCL twin-cabin washing machine Q10, this is a high-end partition washing machine product. As for the price, the author guesses that it may not be too low. After all, the price of partition washing machines on the market is basically 10,000 yuan Yuan or so. However, from the propaganda poster, TCL's quite confident propaganda copy, maybe there will be a surprise in the price?

On September 20th, let's wait for the release of TCL's twin cabin washing machine Q10!

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