Tencent announces the research progress of the wheel-legged robot Ollie

Following the robotic dogs Jamoca and Max, Tencent Robotics X Robotics Lab today announced the latest research progress of the wheel-legged robot Ollie. Tencent Robotics X Robotics Lab said that for the first time, technicians applied tactile sensors to wheel-legged robots, allowing Ollie to have a keen "tactile interaction" after the upgrade. With the support of these new technologies, Ollie can respond to touch actions and challenge difficult actions such as "breakthrough with the ball".

After adding the new tactile sensor, Ollie can feel the contact information from the outside world, including the perception and recognition of the touch method, touch strength, touch orientation, and touch trajectory shape, and respond in different ways. The sensor was jointly developed by Tencent Robotics X Lab and Tsinghua University. The relevant research results have been accepted by ACS NANO, an international top journal in the field of nanotechnology.

In addition, the latest Ollie showcases a double-wheeled step, which adds the ability to step and move at the same time compared to last year's "stomp" move, with longer duration, smoother motion, and more consistent overall performance. In the future, Ollie will continue to serve as an experimental platform for the exploration of cutting-edge technologies in Tencent Robotics X Robotics Lab , undertaking research tasks in many fields, from robot ontology design, system integration, to extensive perception and control planning algorithms.

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