Tesla executive: Battery supply is sufficient and stable for the first time

Tesla's investor relations director Martin Viecha was invited to attend a technology conference held by Goldman Sachs, in addition to introducing Tesla's future five years to the investors present. In addition to the development plan, he also talked about Tesla's battery supply issues.

Weicha said that Tesla usually uses about 90% of the batteries in the supply chain for electric vehicles, and about 10% of the batteries are used for Tesla's energy storage products. Although Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously raised the issue of rising battery costs, Wicha said that Tesla has actually obtained a sufficient and stable supply of batteries.

"In my impression, this is the first time that Tesla's electric vehicle business and energy storage business has received sufficient battery supply at the same time, " Weicha said. As for how Tesla has improved battery supply, Wicha said the main reason is that Tesla has begun to cooperate with multiple suppliers. Previously, Tesla batteries have been provided by a company in the Panasonic Group, but in recent years, Tesla has begun to cooperate with companies such as CATL and LG.

These battery makers are rapidly ramping up production capacity, which is helping Tesla's capacity increase, Wicha said. If the EV industry wants to grow 10 times, supply chains like batteries also need to grow 10 times.

In addition to the Ningde era, BYD will also cooperate with Tesla. According to a report from teslamag.de on August 11, the Tesla Model Y produced in Germany will be equipped with a BYD blade battery with a battery capacity of 55 kWh and a cruising range of 440 kilometers.

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