Tesla launches CCS Combo 1 adapter

Tesla today launched the Tesla CCS Combo 1 power adapter on official websites such as the United States and Canada. The adapter provides charging speeds of up to 250kW and can be used for third-party charging networks. This is the product most Tesla owners dream of.

Expand your fast charging options with the Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter. The adapter provides charging speeds of up to 250kW and can be used in third-party charging networks.

The CCS Combo 1 adapter, currently priced at $250 in the US, enables Tesla drivers to use public charging stations. It's worth mentioning that while this product is compatible with most Tesla vehicles, Tesla also mentions that some vehicles may require modification to use the CCS Combo 1 adapter.

Although Tesla did not say it clearly, it should be that the charging ECU used by Tesla cars manufactured before October 2020 is not supported, so owners can check whether their car is compatible.

For incompatible models, Tesla will offer a retrofit service, but that won't happen until early 2023.

Over the past year, Tesla has said it is about to open its network of Supercharger stations to non-Tesla electric vehicles. Therefore, a large number of overseas Tesla owners have expressed concern, because this will increase the traffic of super charging stations, and their cars may not be able to line up.

Best of all, it's not bi-directional, as Tesla couldn't use other charging stations before because they mostly used CCS connectors.

Tesla had announced in 2020 that the CCS1 adapter was coming, but for some reason, it was only sold in South Korea, and now it seems to support most regions.

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