Tesla's first V4 supercharging station may be located in Arizona, USA

With the continuous development of the electric vehicle industry, the construction of related infrastructure such as charging stations has become more and more perfect. Over the years, Tesla's supercharger technology has continued to evolve, increasing the charging power from 90 kilowatts to 250 kilowatts. Recently, it was reported that Tesla is about to start building a solar V4 supercharger station in the United States.

According to TESLARATI's report today, Twitter user @MarcoRPTesla found that Tesla will build the first V4 supercharger station in Arizona, USA, which will have 40 charging spaces, including 2 accessible parking spaces and 1 for Trailer designed parking space. At the same time, Tesla will build 2 solar arrays at this charging station with a total area of ​​418 square meters.

Tesla reportedly set the V4 supercharger to 250 kilowatts, which appears to be an attempt to give non-Tesla cars a better charging experience. If Tesla can make V4 charging stations provide a stable and fast charging experience for non-Tesla vehicles, it is expected to further promote electric vehicles to replace traditional gasoline vehicles.

For reference, on August 15, Xiaopeng Motors launched the S4 self-developed supercharger. The supercharger has a maximum power of 480kW for a single pile, a maximum current of 670A for a single pile, and a peak charging power of 400kW. It supports Xiaopeng G9, Claimed to charge 200km in 5 minutes (CLTC).

According to previous reports, the design drawing of the Tesla V4 supercharger has been exposed. Compared with the V3 charging pile, the V4 charging pile is higher and the cable is longer. On September 9, Tesla officially announced that Tesla’s 9,000th supercharger in mainland China officially landed. Globally, Tesla has built and opened more than 35,000 supercharging piles.

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