Tesla’s Fremont factory has a large number of employees working overtime

Although Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously said that Tesla may limit the crazy growth at the end of the quarter, the production of the automaker seems to be steady every quarter. Boost and even reach a whole new level at the end of each quarter.

Tesla is calling for any available employees to help in any way possible, all in an effort to further increase the company's deliveries by the end of the quarter.

With just one week left in the quarter, it's a "battle point" for Tesla. User Aristotle Sacramento (@arisyabish) posted a series of photos showing that the parking lot at Tesla's Fremont factory is currently full of employees' cars.

"I usually park my car in front of the Tesla sign, but today, because it's the end of the quarter, it's like a house full of people. Guess what time it is? It's 3:56 AM! But I'll bet you there will still be people grabbing parking spaces at this time."

Tesla exports its products from its factories to the furthest market for delivery in the first half of each quarter, and as the quarter draws to a close, Tesla will pay more attention to deliveries in its home market. For this reason, Tesla's factories in Shanghai, Berlin, and Fremont have all started to become lively.

Tesla’s strategy of end-of-season sprints has helped them boost deliveries many times before, and the Fremont factory is the only Tesla Gigafactory that can produce all four models.

Currently, the Shanghai Gigafactory can only produce the Model 3 and Model Y, while the Berlin and Texas factories can only produce the Model Y, at least for now.

There are Tesla investors who say they are happy to see this scenario, because Tesla reported 254,695 vehicle deliveries in the second quarter, down from 310,048 in the first quarter, so they are full for the third quarter. expect.

Earlier, an analyst visited Tesla's Fremont factory. He expected that the factory will deliver 145,000 electric vehicles in the fourth quarter, the Shanghai Gigafactory will deliver 246,000 vehicles, and the Berlin Gigafactory and the Texas Gigafactory will each deliver 60,000 vehicles. , 4 factories delivered a total of 511,000 vehicles.

Although the third quarter has not yet ended, and Tesla's production and deliveries in this quarter are still unknown, analysts believe that the 511,000 vehicles delivered in the fourth quarter will set a new high for Tesla's quarterly deliveries.

It is worth mentioning that Tesla currently has the highest production and delivery quarters, which were the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year, respectively. In the fourth quarter of last year, 305,840 vehicles were produced and 308,600 vehicles were delivered; in the first quarter of this year, 305,400 vehicles were produced. More than 310,000 vehicles were delivered.

From what is currently known, after the upgrade in July, the production capacity of Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory can reach 14,000 Model Ys and 8,000 Model 3s per week. Up to 1.1 million vehicles. It is for this reason that Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory is already Tesla's current factory with the highest production capacity.

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