Thailand :BYD will build its first electric car factory in Southeast Asia

The invited media reported that BYD plans to purchase land in Rayong Province, eastern Thailand to build its first electric vehicle factory in Southeast Asia. An invitation letter has been issued, announcing that it will be on Thursday. Signed a land purchase agreement with WHA, the largest industrial property developer in Thailand.

WHA Thailand Weihua Industry has officially announced that it has reached an agreement with BYD to purchase industrial land. It is said that the company has also raised its target for land sales in its industrial parks in 2022, from the initial 1,250 Thai mu to 1,650 Thai mu, of which the Thai industrial park accounts for 1,400 Thai mu.

If nothing else, BYD will become the third Chinese auto brand to invest and build a factory in Thailand (MG Motor and Great Wall Motor have already established vehicle assembly lines in Thailand).

At present, Thailand's domestic car sales capacity is strong, especially in new energy vehicles led by electric vehicles. At present, Quantai's EV vehicle ownership exceeds 20,000 units, and 8,000 units have been successfully sold in the first seven months of this year.

It is worth mentioning that BYD held a brand conference in Bangkok on August 8, announcing that it will cooperate with RÊVER Automotive to start selling new energy vehicles in Thailand later this year. In addition, Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) office announced last month that the company plans to invest around 30 billion baht in electric vehicle production.

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