The Apple iPhone 14 / Pro series battery will cost 748 yuan for out-of-warranty repairs

The battery repair price of Apple's iPhone 14 / Pro series has been released. All four models are 748 yuan. This is another price increase for the new iPhone after the iPhone X rose to 519 yuan. Apple officially provides out-of-warranty replacement iPhone battery service, but a certain service fee is required. IT Home has learned that the current price of iPhone battery out-of-warranty repair services is divided into three levels:

  • iPhone 14 / Pro series: 748 yuan
  • iPhone X ~ iPhone 13 / Pro series: 519 yuan
  • iPhone SE series and iPhone 6/7/8 series: 359 yuan

In addition, the battery repair price of Apple Watch watches has also increased, from 611 yuan to 648 yuan, an increase of 37 yuan. The newly released Apple Watch Ultra repair price has reached 748 yuan.

Previously, because of the "battery door" incident, Apple's official website launched a battery replacement service for iPhone 6 and later models, starting at 214 yuan. In September 2018, Apple made a price increase for the service. In addition, after the release of the iPhone 14/Pro series, Apple also updated the AppleCare+ additional warranty service, adding an "unlimited repair" option instead of twice a year.

The battery capacity of Apple's iPhone 14 / Pro series has already appeared in the regulatory database. After the mini model was canceled, the battery capacity of all series reached more than 3000mAh, ranging from 3279 to 4323 mAh. The Plus model has the longest battery life.

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