The batteries of many old Samsung mobile phones have swollen / bulging

Samsung had previously faced serious mobile phone battery problems, and the Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone was eventually recalled on a large scale. Now, some reviewers and netizens are saying that Samsung's older phones are starting to have battery-bulging problems.

Multiple reviewers and YouTube users have reported that the batteries inside their older Samsung phones have started to swell. While this was not uncommon a few years ago, OEMs have improved the technology in recent years so it rarely happens. However, Samsung devices still seem to suffer from this issue.

YouTube blogger Mrwhosetheboss, whose real name is Arun Maini, recently posted a video showing the batteries inside his 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 and 2019 Galaxy S10 have started to swell. But other devices under similar conditions did not exhibit this deterioration, leading Maini to believe it was a problem specific to Samsung phones.

When Maini previously reported the issue, Samsung contacted him to collect the devices for further investigation. However, it's been two months since this happened, and Samsung has remained silent on the topic.

Neowin co-founder Steven Parker highlighted the issue with two older Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 9 phones, both of which had bulging batteries, and took pictures of them still in use. Obviously, this issue is not limited to specific Samsung phones and may affect some models.

Another YouTube blogger, Matt Ansini, also confirmed Maini's findings, saying that all of his Samsung phones before the Galaxy S20 had swollen batteries. Reviewer Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) also responded to the finding on his Twitter account: "Several of my Samsung phones have swollen batteries years after I stopped using them. This hasn't happened to other brands."

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