The executive revealed that it is developing an uninterruptible power supply to match Huawei's home storage

Yesterday, the first HarmonyOS home data center "Huawei Home Storage" went on sale. The storage device is available in 2TB+2TB and 8TB+8TB versions, priced at 2999 yuan and 4999 yuan respectively. Yuan.

Today, Bruce Lee, vice president of Huawei's mobile phone product line, talked about the main differences between Huawei's home storage and previous NAS products through social platforms, including simple settings and management interfaces, support for file encryption, and automatic network implementation without special settings on the router. Penetration, support for remote synchronization and download of third-party software such as Thunder.

At the same time, Bruce Lee replied to the comments of netizens that Huawei has planned an uninterruptible power supply to be matched with Huawei's home storage. In the event of a power failure, the device can automatically shut down Huawei's home storage. However, the development of the power supply is slow and may not be available until next year.

We learned from customer service that Huawei's home storage is equipped with the "HTD286" processor, the 2TB hard drive model is Western Digital Red Disk, the 8TB model is Western Digital Enterprise Edition, and the model is DC HC320. In addition, the customer service said that Huawei Home Storage does not support the Docker function for the time being, and will provide support in the future.

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