The future Apple iPad plans to use Hybrid OLED panels to solve the problem of screen wrinkling

Apple's rumored plan to transition to OLED technology for future iPad models may involve the use of Hybrid (hybrid) OLED technology, which combines rigid and flexible OLED panel materials. The report said Apple was reluctant to rely solely on the flexible OLED technology used in iPhone models because the panels have a tendency to "wrinkle," a problem that becomes more pronounced as displays get larger.

Although Hybrid OLED technology is not yet perfected, it will take at least a year to be commercially viable, and it will not be incorporated into OLED iPads until around 2024, but it is reported that Samsung and LG are both developing a thickness of only 0.2 mm of ultra-thin glass substrates for this technology, below the current standard of around 0.5mm.

However, the report also said that if the above shortcomings can be solved, Apple may still choose to use flexible OLED panels in the iPad, but at least for now, Hybrid OLEDs may be a better choice because they are thinner than rigid panels. cheaper.

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