The Hungarian factory of CATL was launched

According to the official announcement of CATL, CATL signed a pre-purchase agreement with the city of Debrecen, Hungary on September 5, marking the official launch of CATL’s Hungarian factory. CATL's Hungarian factory is located in the southern industrial park of Debrecen, covering an area of ​​221 hectares. The first factory will break ground in 2022. The investment amount of the project is 7.34 billion euros, and the planned production capacity is 100GWh.

In August this year, CATL held the ninth meeting of the third board of directors, and reviewed and approved the "Proposal on the Investment and Construction of the Hungarian Era New Energy Battery Industry Base Project", which means that CATL plans to build batteries in Hungary. Industry Base.

CATL said that with the rapid development of new energy industries abroad, especially in Europe, the power battery market is continuing to grow. In order to further deepen the company's global strategic layout, promote the development of overseas business, and meet the needs of overseas markets, CATL will invest in the construction of a new energy battery industrial base project in Debrecen, Hungary, with a total investment of no more than 7.34 billion euros (approximately 510.86 billion yuan).

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