The new version of GALAXY Xing Yaoniang image released

On the occasion of the upcoming release of the NVIDIA RTX 40 graphics card, GALAXY announced a new version of the virtual image "Xing Yaoniang". GALAXY said that the new version of Xing Yaoniang has two images: the battle chapter and the daily chapter:

  • Combat
  • Daily Articles

At 11 o'clock tomorrow night, NVIDIA will hold a live broadcast of GeForce Beyond, and it is expected to launch an RTX 4090 graphics card. A few days ago, foreign media Videocardz exposed a GALAXY RTX 4090 graphics card.

As shown in the picture above, this series of graphics cards adopt a four-slot thick heat dissipation specification, with three fans on the front and one fan on the back. The power supply interface is the latest 16-pin (12VHPWR), and there doesn't appear to be an NVLink connector, which may mean that NVIDIA has dropped NVIDIA SLI.

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