The price of memory chips continues to drop

The price of memory chips continued to rise last year, but this year, the price has been falling all the way. According to a digital electronic mall in Hongkou District, Shanghai, the price of Samsung 980 with a capacity of 1TB M2 interface rose to about 1,400 yuan last year, and it is now less than 700 yuan.

The prices of most memories have fallen significantly at present. Merchants said that since November last year, memory prices began to decline. The memory is mainly composed of a controller and a memory chip, and it is the memory chip that determines its price. In the first half of this year, downstream demand declined, but global memory chip shipments continued to grow. Many chip manufacturers in the industry, such as Micron and Hynix, have issued warnings that the oversupply of chips is increasing.

Recently, TrendForce released a report saying that NAND Flash is currently in oversupply. Since the second half of the year, buyers will focus on destocking and significantly reduce purchases. The price of wafers fell by 30%-35%, but various NAND Flash terminal products are still weak, and the original factory inventory has risen rapidly, resulting in a 15%-20% decline in NAND Flash prices in the fourth quarter.

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