The third batch of free battery refreshment for Meizu phones is on

Meizu Technology today announced the "Product Renewal Plan: Free Battery Replacement" for the third batch of models participating in free battery renewal: Meizu 16th, Meizu 16s, and Meizu 16s Pro. Meizu Technology said that from now on, the official customer service of Meizu will contact you in batches in the order of model registration to arrangea free battery refresh , please keep the phone open.

In early June this year, at the launch of Meizu's new product Summer Adventure, Meizu launched new user care and product renewal plan battery" service.

  • The first batch of models to join this program includes Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Plus, Meizu Note 8, Meizu Blue Note 5, and Meizu Blue S6.
  • The second batch of models added includes Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro.

Meizu Product Renewal Program - Free battery replacement link: Click here to go to

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