The Xiaomi Mijia full-effect air purifier Ultra is on pre-sale

Xiaomi launched the Mijia full-effect air purifier Ultra, with a retail price of 5,499 yuan and an initial price of 4,799 yuan. Relying on the State Key Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiaomi and the Institute of Processes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed the "aldehyde-decomposing" aldehyde removal technology. The catalytic aldehyde-decomposing filter element equipped with this technology can continuously decompose formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide without secondary pollution. Release without replacement. The aldehyde removal effect is 10 times better than the national standard, and the air pollution from home decoration is efficiently removed.

The Mijia full-effect air purifier Ultra is equipped with a solid-state formaldehyde sensor imported from Switzerland, with an accurate digital display of 0.001mg / m³. Equipped with photoelectric dual self-cleaning technology, as well as four sets of high-energy plasma generators, which continuously release low-temperature plasma, form a high-energy ion field in the filter box, release super ionization energy, and continuously disinfect viruses and bacteria attached to the filter element by infiltration. Harmful gases and odors.

In addition, the Mijia full-effect air purifier Ultra has an optically designed opposite UV lamp group, which uses a high-intensity reflective aluminum film coating to break through the narrow irradiation range of traditional UV lamp beads and achieve full-width* surface light irradiation, and the disinfecting area covers the entire surface of the filter element. , keep the filter element clean.

Mijia full-effect air purifier Ultra adopts American Kinmberly-Clark air filter material, 1.8 times higher dust holding capacity, and 10% lower air resistance. In addition, the purifier has passed the test of TUV Rheinland and obtained the allergy care certification, and the whole machine does not need to replace the filter element for two years.

The Mijia full-efficiency air purifier Ultra outputs 12500L of clean air per minute. It is also equipped with a German ebm DC fan, a 4.3-inch LCD large color screen, supports Mijia App and Xiao Ai control, can be installed with universal wheels, and the drawer-type filter element is designed for easy replacement.

Xiaomi Mijia full-effect air purifier Ultra is now on pre-sale, with an initial price of 4,799 yuan, and will be officially launched on October 11.

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