Thor Black Warrior 5 Shark host is now available for pre-order

The Thor Black Warrior 5 Shark host is now available for pre-order, equipped with Intel's latest processors and Nvidia's latest graphics cards. This series of hosts can be equipped with up to Intel i9-13900K processor, up to RTX 4090 graphics card, up to Samsung 2TB SSD and 4TB mechanical hard drive, up to 64GB DDR5 memory, 360 RGB integrated water cooling for heat dissipation, motherboard For MSI's Z790 CARBON, the power supply is 1650W Gold.

In terms of appearance design, the official said that the Thor Black Warrior 5-SHARK chassis adopts the black shark aesthetic design, giving people an outstanding visual experience. The shark-tooth-shaped diamond-shaped air duct grille, the gill-shaped hidden atmosphere lights on both sides, and the new blue LOGO are all very recognizable. The top of the fuselage is the classic "shark fin breaking the waves" design, the vertical fin shape, the exclusive belief laser light of the Z era, and the four sets of stacked triangular grille air vents, like a shark's black dorsal fin piercing the sea water and breaking the waves.

In terms of price, the Thor Black Warrior 5-SHARK ( 13th generation i9-13900K RTX4090 64G 2TSSD+4T 360 water cooling ) is priced at 36,999 yuan.

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