TSMC plans to close 4 EUV lithography machines

The supply chain industry insiders said that TSMC's 7nm capacity utilization rate will gradually decline as customers reduce orders. Due to the slowdown in market demand, TSMC has decided to temporarily slow down the expansion of its Kaohsiung plant. It is expected that the capacity utilization rate of the 7nm production line will be lower than 90% in 2023.

Taiwanese media "Economic Daily" said that TSMC's advanced process may be cut off by customers, and it will shut down extreme ultraviolet (EUV) machines to slow down production capacity.

For the rumor, JPMorgan Chase also confirmed after the investigation. Analysts pointed out in the latest report that TSMC is facing orders from four advanced process customers including MediaTek, AMD, Qualcomm, and Nvidia, and plans to close four extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines to reduce output. At that time, the monthly production capacity will be reduced. With a sharp drop of 15,000 pieces, next year's profit may decline by 8%, which is the first time in three years that it has faced a profit decline.

In addition, a source in the industry chain @Mobile Chip Daren also broke the news before that because TSMC's advanced process capacity utilization rate began to decline, and the decline time after the evaluation will continue for a period of time, therefore, TSMC plans to start from the end of this year, some EUV will be closed lithography machine to save the huge power consumption of EUV lithography machine.

In response, TSMC responded that it "does not comment on market rumors." However, TSMC reiterated its previous expectation that production capacity will remain tight this year, its revenue growth target will remain unchanged, and it will maintain growth next year.

TSMC also stated that there are annual plans for machine equipment, and routine maintenance and upgrades are carried out in accordance with the plan without affecting normal operations.

The Nanzi Industrial Park in Kaohsiung City started construction on August 7. According to reports, TSMC is the only manufacturer stationed in the Nanzi Industrial Park, and the start of construction of the park also means that the factory has entered the construction stage, completing the key puzzle of the industrial chain.

TSMC previously planned to set up a fab in Kaohsiung to produce 7nm and 28nm processes, and mass production will begin in 2024.

In addition to the Kaohsiung plant, TSMC is also building two fabs in Arizona, USA and Kumamoto, Japan. TSMC said the Arizona factory will produce 5-nanometer chips, and the Kumamoto factory will use special process technology to produce chips.

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